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Private Sessions

Individual & Small Groups

In a private session, you’ll have Emily's undivided attention and hands-on guidance. Students who are newer to practice will build confidence and comfort in the poses. Those with an established practice can revisit foundations and dive deeper into particular areas of study.


We’ll customize each session for your individual needs, for example:

  • Incorporate essential oils.

  • Back-to-basic foundations for poses.

  • Alignment exploration for your body.

  • Targeted training for strength, flexibility, mobility and stability.

  • Grounding flow with lots of support (a.k.a. "sun salutation spa").

  • Guided restorative poses & meditation to de-stress & rejuvenate.

  • Pre/postnatal practices to support pregnancy, birth, & parenting.

Invite friends for a small group session or host a family yoga class. 


Location is often at the student's home (kids & pets welcome!). Session can be online via video. Studio space may be available at additional cost. 

Rates depend on exact location, length, & number of people. Discounts available on packages. 

Curious? Contact Emily for more information.


“Working with Emily in a one-on-one settings has lifted my practice. Her knowledge and supportive teaching style has given me confidence. She also makes our time together a lot of fun!”

- Andrea Rocha, RYT500 (5-pack, 60-minute: individual)

Corporate & Workplaces

Emily has worked in the San Francisco tech industry for nine years for large corporations and small start-ups. Yoga has always been her go-to stress-relieving technique and recovery tool after sitting at a desk too long.

Together, we'll design a program that's appropriate for your team and your workplace, for example:

  • Sequences tailored for beginners or all-levels.

  • Focused on movement, stretching, relaxation, or mindfulness.

  • Tailored for a room with no space for mats.

  • Movement for sitting at desks.

  • Offered mid-day or after-work.

  • Indoor or outdoors.

Ready to talk more? Contact Emily.

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