Emily's livestream schedule is below, followed by a FAQ. All times in Pacific Daylight Time and 60 minutes long, unless noted otherwise.

These times of change also mean frequent schedule changes. Connect with Emily on Instagram or Facebook for real-time updates. Or sign up for email updates about once a week.

If you can financially support yoga teachers & studios, please do. Any exchange is accepted with heartfelt thanks. 


If not, know that nobody will be turned away for lack of funds during these hard times. Contact Emily to be welcomed as a guest.

Independent Offerings

Taught via Zoom with attention to community & individuals.

Any exchange for Emily's time & energy is welcomed but not required. 


Suggested $10-20 per class:

Free registration is required for privacy reasons. Sign up anytime.

Gentle Yoga


WEDNESDAY    |    8 am

NO class 12/23 & 12/30

Baby & Me Yoga


New time coming soon!

In Partnership with...
Symmetry Yoga

Support a small business in Alameda. Ask Emily for two-week free trial (or $10 Zoom class drop-ins).


Register 15 min before to receive link on time.

Gentle Yoga


TUESDAY    |    7:30 am

THURSDAY    |    7:30 am

Guest Teaching

Stay tuned!

Class Descriptions


Build self-awareness and strength with longer-held shapes. Breathe deeply & consciously to cultivate steadiness & wellbeing. Each class explores alignment for your body, focused on a particular area of the body or family of poses.


A mellow class for all experience levels, including beginners. Move mindfully & slowly to soothe the nervous system & boost the immune system. A great way to start the day!


This is a meditative practice to restore and balance your energy. You'll use props to find comfort and light sensation in each shape. As you sink into stillness over ~10 minutes, your body and mind will unwind. 

Flow & Restore

Class starts in a vinyasa style, cultivating warmth while linking breath with movement. We will build strength, maintain mobility and deepen awareness. You'll spend the second part of the class in supported restorative poses.

Baby & Me

Connect with yourself & your little one(s). Optional baby yoga is offered towards the end of class. Partners, grandparents, pregnant people, sleeping babies & kids of all ages are invited! 


What is Zoom & why are we using it for yoga classes?

Zoom is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for us to connect while we cannot physically share the same space. Think of it like FaceTime or Hangout with a group. It allows you to share your audio and/or video, so we can talk & practice together.

What do I need to do?​

Download Zoom (for free) to your laptop or mobile device before the class starts. In your device's Settings, make sure Zoom has access to your camera & microphone. 


Find a place to put your device where you'll be able to see the screen & Emily will be able to see most of your body as you move. You can test this by turning on your device's video recording.


Come to class early & Emily can (try to) help you with any tech questions. Or connect with her before class!

Do I have to share my video?​

Video is optional! But it's a great way for us to connect. Eye contact is truly powerful, even when virtual. If you share your video, Emily will teach to your practice & can provide individual support.

Student video is not available for Zoom Webinars (only for Meetings).

How do I change who I see on Zoom?

You can either view the Active Speaker (mostly Emily) or see a Gallery (tiled) view of everybody's video feeds. In your zoom settings, you can hide your own video if it is distracting. You can also hide the blank tiles for non-video participants.

Do I need props?

Emily always suggests having a blanket, 1-2 blocks, and a bolster. Additional guidance will be given at the beginning of each class. Gather as many props as you can for Restorative or Flow & Restore classes.


But I don't have yoga props.

No problem! Try these:

- Books or water bottle for yoga blocks.

- Pillows or couch cushions for a bolster.

- Beach towel or throw blanket for a yoga blanket.

- Scarf or belt for a yoga strap.

Check out fellow teacher Zoe Evans' blog post if you'd like more inspiration!

Will there be music?

You can play your own music or one of Emily's playlists. She will share a Spotify playlist link in each class' chat. You can find her on Spotify here


Start your music after we finish our opening meditation. You can play music on a separate device. Or the Spotify app has its own volume control separate from your device, so you can adjust the volume relative to class. 

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