Conversations with Michelle Emmanuelle

Recess for Resilience

Starts on October 16th

Three Fridays in a row

4 - 5:30 pm PDT

Michelle is offering a new three-part series "Recess for Resilience". These workshops are meant to reset and refill our resilience after seven long months of challenges. It’s time to step back for an hour and a half to rediscover imagination, creativity, and the possibilities of expansion - in community. Play is an invitation to face the unknown with a sense of Joy! 

You can join us for one or all three workshops. Head over to Michelle's site for details about Part 2 on Oct 23rd and Part 3 on Oct 30th. 

Part 1: Benefits and Building Blocks of Play

Friday, October 16

4 - 5:30pm PDT

In Part 1, take the time to reconnect with your sense of play through group games, coloring exercises, and story time! Play is a rebellion against the constant tyranny of purpose and practicality. It's where we can make decisions without facing dire consequences. Discover the amazing benefits play has to build up and renew resilience.  


About Michelle

Michelle Emmanuelle is a Life/Wellness Coach, Yoga instructor and Choreographer who claims her Divine rights in life!

She is the founder of RECESSitate, a wellness-based business offering workshops and one-on-one coaching supporting individuals towards sustainable wellness. Michelle teaches yoga, mindset, movement education, and nutrition with creativity, collaboration, authenticity and accountability as the foundation. Her intention is to create space for greater exploration and discovery towards expansion and personal growth.

Michelle is passionate about living life authentically and supporting others to do the same. Creativity is her form of activism to disrupt the normative lines of what is considered practical and possible! 

Yoga & Steps Toward Anti-racism, Part 1: Foundations & Your "Why"

Where we start is with the inner work to build a strong and sustainable foundation by looking at our personal "why" for going down this path. We must be willing to listen and change our language and behaviors, if we want to create spaces that value and have healing potential for Black, Indigenous, and other people of color within our communities.


As a first step to this practice, we are, with intention, making a point to listen to Black voices sharing stories and guidance, before taking action in this important revolution for sustainable unity.  


Part 1 of the conversation happened on Juneteenth 2020. This conversation is appropriate for all people, not only yoga teachers or students. Video replay and notes are no longer widely available. Connect with us if you're interested.

Part 2: Accountability

This conversation happened live on July 10. It focused on working toward accountability and the path to own unique actions.


Actions must be more than a checklist of cookie cutter steps. They must be more than a balm to the current discomfort we are feeling. Our actions must be authentic to our personal "why" and will look different for each of us. Michelle also shared stories from the Black Yoga Community for discussion in small groups.


Video replay and notes are no longer widely available. Connect with us if you're interested.

Part 3: Community

The conversation on August 14th focused on deepening our connection as a community (in larger group conversation). Michelle led us through a discussion of what is uniting us, what is separating us, and how we create change (through the Transtheoretical Model of behavior change). This is not to say we are all the same and certainly not to invoke the spiritually bypassing statement that "all beings matter." There is a large gap between heard and lived experiences. And it is important to recognize that there is accountability through unification and reconciliation. In this meeting we will be looking to harness our collective energy in order to hold ourselves accountable and to bring a unifying presence to this anti-racist work. 

Michelle led us through embodied movement and an art project to clear space and to remember what it's like to color outside of the lines. A video replay and notes are not available.

Part 4: Spiritual Bypassing

Friday, September 25th

4 - 5:30 pm PDT

We discussed and analyzed an example of spiritual bypassing from this past June. Michelle shared insight about how to avoid spiritual bypassing, re-visiting the broom vs. the scalpel from Part 1.


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